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About Us

At Californiapharmacystore.com, we strongly believe that all people who need medical marijuana should have easy access to it. This means they do not have to search and try for it just know from where to buy and directly buy easily without any issue.  That is why we want to do everything in our power to make sure these patients get the best quality product at best price always from California Pharmacy Store. Those who are in need always get the best product at less price from our end and we also deliver a product free to some selected countries.

We always offer a really nice variety of premium grown strain all with unique smells and flavors. We also offer top quality flowers, moonrock, wax, shatter, cannabis oil and high-quality cartridges, edibles and high priced seeds too. Carts Kush Med Store is the one-stop dispensary for all quality marijuana/weed buy online.

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Our Mission

California Pharmacy Store mission is to set easy access to marijuana for all in the market. Providing one of the finest stores, products, and overall customer experience all around the world.

California Pharmacy Store is the world’s leading marijuana/weed selling dispensary located in Virginia USA.

With all of the California Pharmacy Store staff involved in business work in various fields in our company. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business firm. We take this job personally, our executives always ready to give you a reply and also assist you with your queries.

We are Available 24/7!

Here at California Pharmacy Store, we have made it our mission to provide the best quality marijuana products, with high-quality services at an affordable price range. This is a one-stop-shop for all types of affordable and best quality weed, marijuana, CBD oil, and cannabis to buy without any difficulty. We provide safe, secure and discreet mail-order marijuana services in the USA, easy to order, quick delivery and best product quality. You have no stress in ordering these products, never have to take stress to take it to your home, this is our duty to book your order, process your package and deliver at your doorsteps. Why we choose this marijuana industry, from time to time we have seen the benefits and uses of these medical marijuana products and see the difficulty people face to get these products. We are very passionate about helping people who suffer from different diseases, disorders, and conditions. We help people to get the right quantity of this product on time with the best quality always.

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